The Side Body

at Kula yoga soho
Saturday may 4, 2019
1:30-3:45 pm

Humans have a unique, upright structure -- we are the only fully bipedal mammals, even among other primates. It is the side body that allows for this intact, upright posture, which confers many benefits but also demands stability and balance throughout our lives, whether we are standing, sitting, bending, or even laying down. It is the side body that helps us extend past our limits when we reach, jump, or leap. And in yoga asana practice, it is our side body that supports us as we find ourselves bending, balancing and inverting. As we enter spring, open and alert side bodies allow us to stand tall, spread wide, and expand outwards as we shed the winter layers under which we have huddled throughout the the darker, colder months.

In this workshop we will explore:
- Myfascial lateral lines - their functions and anatomy
- Alignment and biomechanics of our side bodies
- Applications of this side body knowledge to safely practice backbends, forward-folds and standing + arm balances
- Applications to our “off the mat” practice, recognizing the importance of every day mindful posture in preventing back pain

$40 advance | $45 day-of

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